The Dog Days of Summer

Mon, Jul 25, 2011

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The Dog Days of Summer

Every wondered “why” we call it that? 

I thought that maybe it was because of how hot the summer months are, and how it makes our dogs lazy and lethargic.   They are happy just to  find a shady place to lay down and relax. Not much different than us humans, when those temperatures reach the high 90′s and more.  It’s a grand time of the year that is for sure.  Hot summer nights and lazy summer days….love it!

Makes sense to me that we’d call it “The Dog Days of Summer”

The truth is, the saying “The Dog Days of Summer” actually comes from ancient times, when the night sky was lit up by stars instead of city lights and smog.
When people saw different images.  Images of bears (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor), the twins (Gemini), a bull (Taurus) and others of course including dogs (Canis Major and Canis Minor)
The brightest of the Stars in Canis Major is Sirius ( the big dog).  It is so bright, that the ancient Romans believed the earth received heat from it.

During the summer months (late July to early Aug) Sirius “the dog star” rises and sets with the sun. The Ancients believed this added to the Sun’s heat creating a long sultry period of hot weather.
Over time the drifting of constellations has changed the location of Sirius and of course we have learned that the heat of the sun does not come from the radiation of a far away star.
No, the heat of summer is a direct result of the Earth’s tilt.

Regardless of where the name came from I like it!  I love “The Dog Days of Summer”

Get out there and enjoy yourself.  Whether that’s stopping the car to take in a baseball game, watching kids you don’t even know, or just enjoying nature and the sound of the buzzing Cicada’s that only come out this time of year.

The Dog Days of Summer, truly are wonderful!!

To your success!!

PS here’s a 30 sec video of MY dog enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer”


14 Responses to “The Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Rebecca Malcolm Says:

    Gotta love the Trivia tid-bits Micki! Great article for this week especially! Hot, Hot Summer!


  2. Ilene Q Says:

    Great informative article! Definitely goes well with the hot summer weather these days. Thanks for sharing Micki.


  3. Donna Stewart Says:

    I just love the summer and will never complain about the heat. Being Canadian the cold summers are far too long so I will enjoy all the dog days of summer as long as possible!
    Donna Stewart recently posted..You Must Eliminate Worry to Achieve Your Goals!My Profile


  4. Jackie Hanson Says:

    Love how you can not only warm things up with a wonderful anecdote but also add some value into what the saying means and where in originated. A very interesting read!


  5. Amber McGown Says:

    Well Micki, I love astronomy, so you got my attention! Further more, I love the way you encourage us to do something simple in order to enjoy life!
    Amber McGown recently posted..Close The GapMy Profile


  6. Ilene Q Says:

    Love the video Micki! He’s too cute and very well trained. Knows how to lay out for a suntan and pose for camera. Too adorable!
    Ilene Q recently posted..The Power Of ChangeMy Profile


  7. Sasha Byrd Says:

    Soooooooooo cute Micki…

    Beautiful post, and I LOVE the sound of Cicada bugs!


  8. Michelle Elizer Says:

    that is sooo cute Micki ! It’s so awesome how dogs have no stress….just plain and simple living !! Love it ! Thanks for sharing!
    Michelle Elizer recently posted..Patience When Working from HomeMy Profile


  9. Heather Calhoun Says:

    Duke is so cute! Do you know how to train husbands…kidding :) Interesting trivia!
    Heather Calhoun recently posted..One Touch MethodMy Profile


  10. Kimberly Says:

    What a CUTE video!!! I love hearing the meaning or origins of sayings like that! Thanks for sharing!
    Kimberly recently posted..In a funk? 22 Blog Post Ideas For YouMy Profile


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