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7 Fabulous Fall Words

8. October 2014


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Share     7 Fabulous Fall Words Fall or Autumn is by far my favourite time of year.  Here are 7 wonderful words to use and/or learn this Fall!       deciduous – a deciduous tree is one that sheds its leaves annually, distinct from an evergreen that keeps its foliage year round – […]

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be a person of truth

30. September 2014


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Share As you interact with your co-workers and those you love on a daily basis, try to keep this aphorism close to your heart. I am not sure where I read it or who wrote it. I am a person of truth. I share my truth with the world in a compassionate way. My intention […]

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5 easy iPhone Short Cuts

25. July 2014


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Share    5 easy  iPhone Short Cuts I’ve had an iPhone for years and call me a dumb dumb, but I never knew about these awesome short cuts. Let’s look at the grey  Control Centre that appears when you swipe upwards on any screen.  There are many options here designed to save time, that up until now, […]

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planting the seed

7. July 2014


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Share  Planting the Seed In North America, how would you describe our society, our tribe?  Good strong tribes are defined by their members.  Members are decided mostly by the choices they “won’t” make. So where does that leave all of us on this planet?  We seem to be a mix of tribes, of different beliefs […]

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Sugar, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Obesity

11. June 2014


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ShareSugar, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, Obesity   Most people think that eating fatty foods and high carbs, are the major cause of heart attacks. Science is proving that although those foods are a contributing factor, the bigger problem in our society is the amount of sugar we are consuming.     One of my dearest friends, […]

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Emotional Bacteria

22. May 2014


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Share Emotional germs, can spread faster than any virus bacteria or disease. Remember to wash your bad mood away before entering the office, a negotiation or meeting. Don’t sneeze on us, cough on us, in other words don’t bring your scepticism, negativity or fear in here either. Clean your mind, as often you wash your […]

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1. April 2014

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