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1. April 2014

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Share   To Your Success!!!!! Micki Lessard 519.744.1744

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16. December 2013


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Share   Use ALL CAPS if you’re yelling in your emails/texts/posts. CAPS, italics, bold, hyper-linking,  and slang are all things we regularly use on social media.  The real question is, are we using them properly?     I have a lot to learn myself, and the first thing I’ve learned, is to keep it simple. […]

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Pay Cuts, Lay offs, and Job Shortages

11. October 2013


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ShareMeet James and Teresa James had a lucrative career, in the computer technology industry. “I was making more than enough money for my wife and I.  We were having fun on the weekends, but my work hours were pretty crazy – up to 80 a week” James remembers. Eventually the company he worked for was […]

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running away from problems

8. October 2013


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Share    To your Success & to Problem Solving!

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For the Love of Money

9. September 2013


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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with money. Since we have to interact with money on a daily basis, in one way shape or form, why not tip the scales a little in the “love” direction.

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“There is no Dream, without a Team”

6. August 2013


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Success, in business, in life and in love, rises and falls on Teamwork.
There is NO dream without a Team.

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5 Critical Questions

13. June 2013


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5 Critical Questions that will help you determine if the Home Business you are considering, is capable of providing real residual income

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